World Heritage Sites in Nepal

Site nameEntered
Kathmandu Valley1979
Sagarmatha National Park1979
Chitwan National Park 1984
Lumbini, the Birthplace of the Lord Buddha 1997

Tentative list of Nepal
Bhurti Temple Complex of Dailekh
Cave architecture of Muktinath Valley of Mustang
Khokana, the vernacular village and its mustard-oil seed industrial heritage
Medieval Earthern Walled City of Lo Manthang
Medieval Settlement of Kirtipur
Nuwakot Palace Complex
Ram Janaki Temple
Ramagrama, the relic stupa of Lord Buddha
Rishikesh Complex of Ruru Kshetra
Sinja valley
The early medieval architectural complex of Panauti
The medieval palace complex of Gorkha
The Medieval Town of Tansen
Tilaurakot, the archaeological remains of ancient Shakya Kingdom
Vajrayogini and early settlment of sankhu

RTW trip #6: Everest View (February 2011)

I am in the final days of my 4th visit to Nepal. However, this was the first time that I really did go and see its famous mountains: I went on an 8-day trek into the Everest region and the Sagarmatha National Park. As the season just opened (Feb 1), it was pretty cold and quiet up there. But I did see them all, the big ones, and Everest no less than 4 times.

. Sagarmatha National Park

Big China Trip #4: a detour to Nepal (September 2007)

After Lhasa I explored somewhat more of the Tibetan countryside. I made my way out via the ‘Friendship Highway’, that runs to Nepal via several passes of above 5000 meter altitude. The first part of that trip is easy nowadays: it is indeed just like a highway with a good paved road. After Nyalam, until the Nepali border, the real adventure begins with a narrow, winding and muddy road and a landslide here and there. The final descent into green and lush Nepal is just a pleasure. It all ends in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, where on the surface not much has changed since my two earlier visits (1993, 2001).

. Kathmandu Valley

The Terai (March 2001)

The southern part of Nepal, stretching along the Indian border, is called the Terai. It's mostly flat land, and can be burning hot in summer. Parts of it get flooded often during the rainy season. This area hosts 2 world heritage sites: Lumbini, birthplace of Buddha, and Chitwan National Park. Early March I visited both of them, located about 5 hours drive by local bus from each other.

. Chitwan National Park