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Parc naturel de Talassemtane

Parc naturel de Talassemtane is part of the Tentative List in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Fatima Habte (Morocco):
Chefchaouen is a mountain village of the area near Talassemtane National Parks. To discover the beauty of Chefchaouen it is best to take the trekking tours ... The best way to see the countryside and have memories to pass on is to get out , live with local people and see what magnificent this part of the country has to offer.

The tours begin in Chefchaouen Village, which sits between two mountain peaks in the Rifs. You can head towards Talassemtane National Parks hiking and hikes to Jbel Lakraa summit, Haindani Mountain to discover marvellous landscapes, enjoy watching Macaque monkeys jumping from one rock to another curious about your visit….

Gite Talassemtane will offer you the best hiking program ever done in the area, no touristy site offered, only wild and amazing site will be offered for you.

For more information, please contact:
Fatima Habté a local woman offering tours, accomodation,catering and guide to discover the park. She owns a rural house in the village of Zaouiya Habteene, the gate to Talassemtane Natural Park.
00212 6 72 74 33 47
Date posted: November 2009

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Parc naturel de Talassemtane
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