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Konya-A capital of Seljuk Civilization

Konya-A capital of Seljuk Civilization is part of the Tentative List in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Jorge Sanchez (Spain):
If you happen to be travelling during December (from the 10th to the 17th) in that fabulous country that is Turkey enjoying the fantastic Capadoccia region and Aksehir, where Nasrettin Haca was born, then, please, do not miss to spend at least one day in Konya, the capital of the Seleucid Empire and the old Iconium of the Hellenist period.

During that week takes place the yearly festival of the world famous whirling dervishes’ dances, a performance that you will never forget. You can also visit the old tekke (kind of monastery) of the founder of that whirling dervish’s order, the Afghan born Jalal ad Din Rumi, known as Mevlana.
I spent one week in Konya during december 1988, admiring the dervishes dances every day, and was the best thing I did in Turkey.

In Konya you can buy good quality kilims, a copy in English of Mevlana main book called Mesnevi, and CDs with dervishes’ music. Mevlana used to call the people, indistinctly of their ideology, to go to his tekke with these words: Gel, gel, ne olursan ol, yine gel (Come, come, whoever you are it does not matter, come).
Date posted: July 2013

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Konya-A capital of Seljuk Civilization
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