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Ishak Pasha Palace

Ishak Pasha Palace is part of the Tentative List in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Jorge Sanchez (Spain):
Ishak Pasha Saray is located at 6 kilometres from Dogubayazit
I discovered the amazing Palace Ishak Pasha by chance. I had been travelling around Iran paying homage to the poets Sadi and Hafiz in Shiraz and Firdawsi in Khorasan, when I returned to Spain overland stopping in interesting places along my way.
Crossing the border up in Turkey all the women removed with relief their chadors from their heads, and the men bought bottles of different liquors in the shop besides the customs to drink them without coercion. Then I resolved to spend the night in Dogubayazit in my way to the Lake Van.
I slept in a cheap caravanserai and when the next morning was about to leave to the Lake Van, I looked back and: Oh Mama mia, what was that marvel! And some Kurdish explained me that the breathtaking construction of the distance, called Ishak Pasha, was a palace at about 1 hour walking, erected in the XVII century.
I headed running to that place and spent the whole morning visiting all its ins and outs. That place was unbelievably beautiful, even more than the terraces of Pamukkale!
Date posted: July 2013

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Ishak Pasha Palace
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