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Railway Bridge Over Yenissey River

Railway Bridge Over Yenissey River has been nominated in the past to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List, but doesn't feature anymore on the country's current Tentative List.


Jorge Sanchez (Spain):
I have only stopped in Krasnoyarsk twice. The first time happened when travelling by truck, in the year 1995, with destination Mongolia, with a group of Spanish ornithologists. Coming from the Altaiu Mountains we stopped in Krasnoyarsk for provisions for our long journey, and had time to visit the Stolby for a couple of hours.
Then, in the year 2009, heading to Magadan overland, by trains, trucks and minibuses, I spent another half a day in Krasnoyarsk. This second time I visited the town much deeper. I was alone.
This second time, when leaving to Tayshet by train to connect with the BAM (Baykal Amur Magistral), I paid attention to the bridge over the River Yenisei. It was impacting, a real masterpiece of enginery. It took the train several minutes to cross it because the train did not run too fast.
I was all the time watching across the window of my platskartni wagon (dormitory carriage with beds everywhere) while drinking chai (tea).
That bridge, according to my neighbors in the wagon dormitory, who proudly explained me its history, was built at the turn of the XIX century and when finished was the longest in Czarist Russia.
Date posted: September 2013

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Railway Bridge Over Yenissey River
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