Qhapaq Nan - Camino Principal Andino

Qhapaq Nan - Camino Principal Andino is part of the Tentative List in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Year Decision Comments
2001 Tentative list Submitted as tentative site by State Party


Assif Am-David (Israel):
In Argentina this nomination includes multiple locations throughout the Eastern border from Jujuy to Mendosa. I guess it should include the Quebrada de Humahuaca as well. In Salta Province there is a special Inca site atop the Llullaillaco mountain at the height of 6700 meters! Three mummies and an accompanying treasure were unearthed. They are now presented in the Museum of High Mountain Archaeology in Salta (MAAM) where I would recommend a visit.
Date posted: December 2009

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