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The Historic Centre of Cajamarca

The Historic Centre of Cajamarca is part of the Tentative List in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Jorge Sanchez (Spain):
In my way to the Incan fortress of Kuelap I visited Cajamarca and its churches in one day,
Being Spaniard I was very interested in visiting this town because it was there that Pizarro and a few of his men captured the Inca Atahualpa.
The main tourist attraction of Cajamarca was El Cuarto del Rescate (The ransom room), that was filled with gold to pay for the freedom of Atahualpa, who gave orders for the execution of his half-brother, Huascar,
Apart from that Room of Random I also visited the Spanish vestiges in Cajamarca in form of monasteries, churches and squares, which were very pretty and remembered other of the hundreds of cities built by the Spaniards in Spanish America.
Being satisfied with the day that I spent in Cajamarca, at night I slept in Baņos del Inca, a natural thermal spa where the doorman let me enter for free and in the morning I left hitchhiking to Kuelap.
Date posted: October 2014

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The Historic Centre of Cajamarca
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