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City of Granada and its natural environment

City of Granada and its natural environment is part of the Tentative List in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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SooSooSees (United States):
The colonial architecture is a sight to behold. Baroque with Moorish influences and grand embellishments is a prominent style that can be seen in no other Central American country.
We visited Granada on a two-month trip through Central America earlier this year. It may not be as tourist-savvy as it's sister city, Antigua, Guatemala, but it is well on the road to becoming a more desirable destination! Parts of the city are worn, other parts are freshly painted or in the process of being restored. Care is being given to maintaining ancient colonial structures. The locals are friendly and prices are reasonable.
It is said to be the first European settlement in mainland America. And if the claim that Granada is registered in the official records of the Crown of Aragon and the Kingdom of Castile in Spain is true, that, indeed, is a royal accomplishment! Government incentives make it very attractive to foreign investors. More and more tourists are discovering the beauty and enjoyable lifestyle in the city!
Date posted: July 2014
Jorge Sanchez (Spain):
After Isla del Maz I wanted to continue my journey across Central America, therefore I headed to Costa Rica. But on the road I would spend several days visiting most interesting places. One of them was the Volcano Masaya and one day later, from gracious and historical Granada, I boarded a motorboat to the greatest of the Solentiname Island, in the Lago (Lake) Nicaragua. After enjoying the magnificence of the countryside plus the gentleness of the people, I caught another boat back to pleasant Granada and one day later I left Nicaragua to Costa Rica.
Date posted: September 2013
Clyde (Malta):
The bright yellow church here is worth visiting but I don't think Granada is of universal value. However it is definitely a national heritage.
Date posted: February 2013

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City of Granada and its natural environment
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