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Palace and Park Ensemble in the city of Homel

Palace and Park Ensemble in the city of Homel has been nominated in the past to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List, but doesn't feature anymore on the country's current Tentative List.


Jorge Sanchez (Spain):
From Minsk I travelled by train to Gomel, a city that I ewnjoyed and visit during a whole day.
I started with a lovely park and gardens by the River Sozh. There were many statues, some of them, so I thought, represented Greek mythological personages. Another statue represented the Golden linx, which is in the Gomel coat of arms. I also visited some lovely churchues near that park.

The next day I boarded a train to Kharkov, in Ukraine.
I had the Russian visa, which allowed me to travel inside Belarus, without Belarus visa. The Russian visa was enough.
In the middle of the night we reached the border, in Terekhovka, but I was prevented to cross the country and enter Ukraine.
I argued saying that Spaniards do not need visa to visit Ukraine.

Then I learnt that the Russian visa is valid to visit Belarus, but no to leave that country. Consequently I had to go back to Russia andfrom there travelling to Kharkov.
Another possibility was to buy in Gomel Immigration Department a transit visa through Belarus.
I preferred to return to Russia by train, to Bryansk, and from there I continued my journey to Ukraine, also by train.

I expected a fine or to sign a protocol formulary (as the Russians would have done in that case), but the Belarus Police is much more polite, nicer and humane than the Russian one (at least according to my previous experiences with Russian policemen). TheBelarus policemen treated me very well. I am very grateful to them. They even sent me back from Terekhovka to Gomel in a train, for free; I did not have to buy any ticket. None of the Belarus policemen asked money for a "beer", while in Russia, in every control, the Russian policemen constantly asked me baksheesh.
Those policemen even helped me to get the refund of my ticket to Kharkov, and with that money I bought another ticket, this time to Kursk, via Minsk.
Date posted: July 2013

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Palace and Park Ensemble in the city of Homel
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