La vieille ville de Zinder, quartier de Birni et le Sultanat

La vieille ville de Zinder, quartier de Birni et le Sultanat is part of the Tentative List in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Year Decision Comments
2006 Tentative list Submitted as tentative site by State Party


Jorge Sanchez (Spain):
In N’Guigmi I asked for pure cold water, drank it with greed and lay in a mat. My throat was burning and my stomach in disorder after those three days drinking yellow water smelling and tasting like hell, mixed with impurities, and fighting with the camels the right to drink it first in dirty buckets.
They brought me food but I was not hungry. I hitchhiked; people stopped but asked me money.
From Niger to Senegal there is a “highway” filled with kiosks selling food and petrol 24 hours a day. I sold my sleeping bag in Diffa to buy boiled eggs,goat meat and for alms to the poor.
Niger is a delightful country; its houses, made on adobe, looked like fairy tales and the people wore clothes with charming colours.
I loved Zinder, a crossroads village. There I met many Africans heading to Morocco and Tunisia to cross to Europe to improve their lives. I was ashamed; they were real travellers travelling for noble reasons, as the Humankind did in the past, and not for leisure. I continued my journey across Niger to the Atlantic Ocean overland.
Date posted: September 2013
Giovanna Lauricella (Italia):
Ho visitato Zinder ed il quartiee di Birni il mese scorso. Ho trovato questo sito assolutamente fantastico e ritengo che meriti di essere inserito nell'UNESCO's World Heritage List.
Date posted: February 2010

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