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Partie nigerienne du lac Tchad

Partie nigerienne du lac Tchad is part of the Tentative List in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Jorge Sanchez (Spain):
I started my journey to Niger by camel in Bol, Chad. It was the only way to get to Niger. A man came with me as my guide, the owner of the camels. Previously I had to buy a gri-gri., or amulet, to have good luck during that hazardous journey; otherwise my guide would refuse to travel with me. We would not find anybody during three days with two nights. We had to load our food on the camels and to count to find wells on the oasis of the road.
We used to travel during the night and to rest during the day because the sun was too powerful and dangerous in daytime.
In order not to get lost we always followed the shore of the Lake Chad.
Before the sunrise of the third day we reached Niger. We still followed the shore of the Lake Chad on the Niger side for about 30 kilometers. Further on we found the military post; it was N’Guigmi. My guide returned with the two camel to Bol and I would continue hitchhiking all the way until Bamako, and then by train (without ticket) to Dakar.
Date posted: August 2014

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Partie nigerienne du lac Tchad
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