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The natural and architectural ensemble of Blagaj

The natural and architectural ensemble of Blagaj is part of the Tentative List in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Jorge Sanchez (Spain):
After revisiting in 2005 for the third time all the ex Yugoslavian countries, I found Bosnia and Herzegovina the most exotic one (at least for a European traveller).
Mostar was my favorite town because of its eastern atmosphere. Its famous bridge ("most", in Slavonic languages means bridge) has been reconstructed uniting the two communities living in both sides of the Neretva River, but at every side of it there was written a sign in English: DO NOT FORGET, and nearby a broken mortar.
The dearest place that I visited near Mostar was theBlagaj Dervish Tekke, at about 15 kilometers distance from Mostar. It was founded at the beginning of the XVI century.
The location of that tekke was spectacular and beautiful, by the river Buna.
I went to that tekke twice, in the evening, and participated in the dervish activities. I made friendship with one of the dervishes, the youngest one. I liked the way he played the Ney flute during the ceremonies.
After the ceremonies the dervishes helped me with their car to return to Mostar, where I lived in a family house at a moderate price.
Date posted: July 2013
Assif (Israel):
Blagaj was certainly the highlight of my trip to Bosnia. It is a sacred Muslim site in an inspiring natural setting. The Dervish Madrasa (perhaps comparable to a Christian monastery) can be visited and is built in the Turkish Baroque style. Most impressive, however, is the the river leading to the cave and the cliff above, covered with a hanging tree. Historically vultures used to nest here. You can eat traditional Bosniak food at one of the many nearby restaurants.
I think this place is a special representation of Bosnian life. On the other hand, its authenticity seems to have been largely compromised.
Date posted: September 2008

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The natural and architectural ensemble of Blagaj
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