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Archaeo-astronomical Site Kokino

Archaeo-astronomical Site Kokino is part of the Tentative List in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Jarek Pokrzywnicki (Poland):
Visited in August 2011. Very difficult to get without your own car. The site is located quite far from civilization. I took the road from Prohor Pcinski (Serbia) to Kumanovo (Macedonia), around 7 km from the border in the village of Dragomance turn left (there should be a sign). The road is not very wide (althoug asphalted) and goes mostly thoughout uninhabited land (hills). From Dragomance it is around 14 km to the observatory (parking place from which it is arond 500 m on foot).

Frankly speaking it is not clearly visible, there are no standing structures, just rocks formed by nature or it so distroyed that it looks like natural. Anyway the views are amazing (it is placed on the top of the hill). Also be prepared for strong wind there.
Date posted: August 2014

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Archaeo-astronomical Site Kokino
This site is part of the Tentative list of: FYR of Macedonia

Site History:
2012Requested by State Party to not be examined at WHC session
2011Incomplete - not examined
2009 Tentative list
Submitted as tentative site by State Party

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