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Southwestern Coast Tidal Flats

Southwestern Coast Tidal Flats is part of the Tentative List in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Kyle Magnuson (United States of America):
Upon visiting Suncheon Bay I quickly came to the conclusion that these highly diverse tidal flats may be the best chance for Korea to gain another natural world heritage site. As one of the most beautiful places in Korea, I am now very interested in visiting some other tidal flat sites in Korea. Besides Suncheon, there are 5 other major tidal flat locations in southwestern Korea. I expect this nomination to make a strong case at the 2017 or 2018 WHC. Suncheon Bay is pristine and picturesque. The tidal flats are home to a diverse range of species, from various types of crabs, to a multitude of common and rare birds. This important coastal wetland was registered on the Ramsar wetland list in 2006.

The Wadden Sea is the obvious key site for the comparative analysis. Will Korea be able to make a case for these unique tidal flats? I noticed the criteria proposed is vii, viii, and x. While the site is truly a wonderful place to explore, it is difficult to judge the exceptionality of the property. Nevertheless, I highly recommend a dual visit to Suncheon Bay and Naganeupseong Village.
Date posted: June 2011

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Southwestern Coast Tidal Flats
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