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Malawi Slave Routes and Dr. David Livingstone Trail

Malawi Slave Routes and Dr. David Livingstone Trail is part of the Tentative List in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Jorge Sanchez (Spain):
A visit that impressed me while travelling in Malawi in the year 1998 was the one that I made to the Livingstonia Mission, at about 100 kilometers distance from the border with Tanzania.
First I travelled by jeeps from Lilongwe to Chitimba. From there I walked up about 15 kilometers (I was advised that there had been some cases of robberies, therefore is better not to go alone, although I went alone and nothing happened to me). I tried to hitchhike but no cars passed by.
When I reached Livingstonia Mission (founded by Scottish missionaries), a huge stone building, I enjoyed a splendid view and felt in Scotland, in front of Lake Ness.
I was invited by the locals to sleep in the Mission, which they knew as the Stone House, what I did.
The Mission of Livingstonia had been founded in another part of Malawi, and transferred to its present situation. Those missions are related to the Slaves Routes and Dr. David Livingstone Trail.
I was very happy that night to be in such an exotic, historic and remote place. I was the only foreigner. It was in the Stone House where the Scottish missionary Dr. Robert Laws had lived. Inside there was a small museum explaining the history of Livingstonia.
After Livingstonia Mission I headed the next day overland (hitchhiking, walking, by trucks and finally by bus) until the border with Tanzania.
Date posted: April 2014

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