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Island of Saba

Island of Saba is part of the Tentative List in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Jorge Sanchez (Spain):
The first interesting sight that one has when landing in Saba is the airport itself, located besides a cliff, which impress you.
I walked up to the main village of Saba, The Bottom, which is the capital of the island. Drivers look at you as if offering you for a free ride, but I made a sign that I preferred to walk.
There was a trekking going up to the highest peak (which is the highest peak of Nederland, if we include the Nederland Antilles), an extinct volcano of about 900 meters high. I walked up for about one and a half hours, but seeingno end soon, and fearing the darkness falling in the middle of my trekking, I descended at about half the way and look for a place to have my daily meal before looking for a convenient and safe free place to sleep.
I only visited during two days Saba Island and spend the night in a kind of kiosk, or bus stop along the road, and nobody molested me during the night.

I remember the exuberant nature of the island sheltering so many gardens and lovely trees. I entered in the three churches, one of them Catholic. Saba looked a paradise to live in.
The next day I walked down to the airport and flew to Sint Eustatius.
Date posted: July 2013

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Island of Saba
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