Historical cafés

Prominent cafés established before WWI that still exist within the borders of a WHS.

World Heritage Sites connected to 'Historical cafés':

  • Budapest Budapest (Gerbeaud 1858, Ruszwurm 1824)
  • Cracow Antre de Michalik; link
  • Oporto Majestic café; link
  • Prague Louvre (1902), Slavia (1881)
  • Rome Greco, 18th century
  • Salzburg Tomaselli, 1705
  • Tallinn maiasmokk cafè (since 1864); link
  • Venice and its Lagoon Cafe Florian 1720
  • Vienna Central (opened in 1860, and in the late nineteenth century it became a key meeting place of the Viennese intellectual scene), Demel (1786), Sacher (1876), Landtmann (1873, preferred caf? of Sigmund Freud)