Gold Surfaces

Buildings which have a significant amount of Gold leaf on their external surfaces.

Connected Sites

  • Agra Fort Golden Pavilion
  • Ancient Kyoto Kinkaju temple. Top 2 stories
  • Ancient Nara Todaiji's golden horns on the main building roof.
  • Anuradhapura Anuradhapura's Sacred Tree is protected by pure golden fence
  • Avignon Gilded statue of the Virgin of Notre-Dame des Doms d'Avignon
  • Ayutthaya Ayutthaya's half of the restored Suriyothai Pagoda is covered with gold leaf
  • Bahá’i Holy Places Dome of the Shrine of the Bab
  • Cordoba Gilded doors of Mezquita
  • Costiera Amalfitana Facade of Amalfi Cathedral is illuminated by gilded and enameled mosaics.
  • Cracow Sigismunds chapel in Wawel cathedral
  • Damascus Golden mosaic facade of Umayyad Mosque courtyard
  • Florence The famous gilded Door of Paradise
  • Fujisan Outer wall of Honden in Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sangen Jinja is covered in gold
  • Grand Place, Brussels Brussels Grand Place for its many gilded facades especially in the western side of the complex
  • Hiraizumi Chusonji's Konjikido Hall have gold leaf covered all inside and outside the building.
  • Holy Trinity Column Golden statues
  • Imperial Palace Imperial Palace for its famous gilded guarding lion statues
  • Independence Hall The steeple's crown and ball including weathervane of Independence Hall are covered by gold leaf
  • Itchan Kala Khiva's golden copula of Pakhlavan Makhmoud Mausoleum
  • Kandy The Japanese donated golden roof of the temple of tooth
  • Kathmandu Valley Swayambhunath and Bodhnath pagodas
  • Kazan Kremlin Golden dome of Annunciation Cathedral
  • Kiev Dome and cupolas
  • Kremlin and Red Square Assumption Cathedral. Dome and cupolas.
  • Luang Prabang The front wall of Wat Mai main buiding is covered with thick gold leaf
  • Medina of Fez Golden Doors of Fez Royal Palace
  • Mount Emei, including Leshan Giant Buddha Golden Pavillion and statues
  • Mount Wutai Bronze Pavillion, whole building covered with gold leaf
  • Mountain Resort, Chengde Putuozongsheng Temple's golden roof
  • Nancy Place Stanislas stunning gilded iron gates and lanterns at its four corners
  • Nikko Toshogu Shrine
  • Novgorod Golden dome of Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod
  • Novodevichy Convent Golden domes of Our Lady of Smolensk Cathedral
  • Old City of Jerusalem Dome of the Rock. Dome. Originally "100,000 gold dinar coins were melted down". At other times has been covered by tiles and Aluminium/Bronze alloy (1960). "In 1998 the golden dome covering was refurbished following a donation of $8.2 million by King Hussain of Jordan who sold one of his houses in London to fund the 80 kilograms of gold required"
  • Paris, Banks of the Seine Les Invalides. Dome - "6kg of gold leaf"
  • Potala Palace Jokhang Temple's golden roof
  • Potsdam Chinesisches Haus at Sanssouci
  • Prague St. Vitus Cathedral's gilded window and golden mosaic
  • Rabat Golden door of royal palace
  • Siena Siena's golden mosaic at facade of Duomo
  • St. Petersburg St Isaacs Cathedral - its "golden cupola, gilded with about 220 pounds (100 kg) of pure gold". Also - Admiralty Spire and Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul
  • Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty's torch is gold plating
  • Temple of Heaven Temple of Heaven's golden point
  • Trinity Sergius Lavra Golden domes of Trinity Cathedral, Assumption Cathedral and Bell Tower
  • Venice and its Lagoon St. Mark Cathedral gilded mosaics and facade decorations, Torcello Cathedral mosaics
  • Versailles 100,000 gold leave used in the restoration of the royal golden gate
  • Vienna Hofburg and gilded statue of Johan Strauss, Secession
  • White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal Vladimir's golden domes of Dormition Cathedral
  • Wudang Mountains Golden Peak Palace
  • Yaroslavl Five golden domes of Dormition Cathedral


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