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  • Ex-Egypt general wants St. Catherine demolished (15 Apr)
  • Fort Jesus continues to register dwindling numbers of visitors (15 Apr)
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    Top 50 Missing: the results!
    Since 2008 we have been discussing a Top 50 Missing on the Forum of this website. Which sites of universal value aren't listed on the WH List, but should be? Forum members have created a longlist, and exactly 100 members of this website have casted their votes over the past 2 weeks.

    Here's the site we miss most on the WH List: Bagan.

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    Mexico #6: Morelos (January 2014)

    I spent my last 3 days in Mexico exploring some sites in the state of Morelos. I stayed in Cuernavaca, which is a "City of Eternal Spring" (always nice) and a pleasant midsize Mexican city in general. From here, it's easy to tick off the state's 2 WHS. I was the only visitor at the hilltop archaelogical site of Xochicalco, and did meet only a handful more at the former monasteries of Cuernavaca and Tepoztlan.

    . Popocatepetl monasteries
    . Xochicalco

    Mexico #5: North East Yucatan (January 2014)

    The North and East of Yucatan Peninsula are covered with Maya ruins. It's also the most touristy area I have been to in Mexico, drawing in the crowds because of its beaches. I enjoyed visiting the ruins listed as WHS, but also checked out several smaller sites. Of the latter, Ek Balam (at no list at all) is worth a special mention for its great and steep pyramid with almost Peruvian-style reliëfs.

    . Sian Ka'an
    . Chichen-Itza
    . Uxmal

    Mexico #4: Campeche (January 2014)

    Campeche is one of the 3 federal states that cover the Yucatan Peninsula (the others are Quintana Roo and Yucatan). It stretches from the northwest coast with the WH listed capital Campeche to the vast Calakmul Biosphere Reserve in the south. That nature reserve includes a great site to visit for both cultural and natural reasons: the WHS of Calakmul.

    . Campeche
    . Calakmul

    Your WHS reviews

    Plasencia - Monfragüe - Trujillo : Paysage méditerranéen (T)
    'I am very glad that Trujillo and Plasencia are in a whole a candidate to become a Patrimony of the Humankind.'
    Posted by Jorge Sanchez, 18-04-2014
     Monastery of Geghard
    'In my journey to Georgia in the Soviet Union Brezhnev times, together with a group of Spanish tourists (all women!), we had also included Armenia, to where we travelled by bus from Tbilisi.'
    Posted by Jorge Sanchez, 18-04-2014
    Malawi Slave Routes and Dr. David Livingstone Trail (T)
    'A visit that impressed me while travelling in Malawi in the year 1998 was the one that I made to the Livingstonia Mission, at about 100 kilometers distance from the border with Tanzania.'
    Posted by Jorge Sanchez, 18-04-2014
     Parc National du Pico da Neblina (Amazonas) (T)
    'Although I did not climb the highest peak of Brazil, Pico da Neblina (about 3.000 meters), I crossed its National Park navigating during a whole day in my way in raft along the Rio Negro from Santa Isabel do Rio Negro to São Gabriel da Cachoeira.'
    Posted by Jorge Sanchez, 18-04-2014
    Les passages de Bruxelles / Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert (T)
    'Using mainly trains and some buses I finished in one week the Spanish Road, from Milano to Brussels, following the trekking of the Tercios of Flanders (our infantry soldiers were called Tercios, or Thirds, during the XVI and XVII centuries).'
    Posted by Jorge Sanchez, 18-04-2014
     Paris, Banks of the Seine
    'Having a look at this site I discovered that the Banks of the Seine is the most visited Patrimony of the Humankind by its members.'
    Posted by Jorge Sanchez, 18-04-2014