Invention of sweets

World Heritage Sites connected to 'Invention of sweets':

  • Avila Yema de Santa Teresa
  • Belem The famous portuguese pastel de nata is believed to be created before the 18th century by Catholic Monks at the Jerónimos Monastery
  • Bordeaux Canelé; link
  • City of Luxembourg Luxemburgerli invented by Camille Studer in 1957
  • Costiera Amalfitana Sfogliatelle invented in conservatorio di Santa Rosa da Lima in the 17th Century
  • Florence The invention of ?Gelato?, the confection based on ice, cream and egg yolk as a development of the older water-based sherbet/sorbetto has been linked to Florence during the rule of Catherine de Medici. One version is that the architect and all-round Renaissance man Bernado Buontalenti was charged by Catherine with preparing 'events' for diplomatic guests including banquets and entertainments. In 1565 one of these served a frozen dessert with a recipe approximating to modern 'Gelato'. Buontalenti Gelato is still available!
  • Lübeck Marzipan was invented by Johann Niederegger in 1806 (same time as in Tallinn)
  • Salzburg Mozartkugel
  • Tallinn Marzipan was invented by Lorenz Cawietzel in 1806 (same time as in Luebeck)
  • Vienna Croissant was invented in 1683 to celebrate the defeat of the Turks