Already inscribed, still on T List

Inscribed WHS (or parts thereof) that are still mentioned on the official Tentative List of the state party.

World Heritage Sites connected to 'Already inscribed, still on T List':

  • Bethlehem Inscribed in 2012, still on T List after all other new entries have been cleared
  • Central Amazon Conservation Complex Anavilhanas Ecological Station
  • Chongoni Rock Art The Chongoni Rock Art Monument Area (since 1997)
  • Longobards in Italy Monte Sant'Angelo, part of the Longobards, places of power, and part of the t-list as its own.
  • Masjed-e Jâmé
  • Painted Churches in the Troödos Region Church of Ayios Sozomenos, Galata
  • Pyramids (Memphis) Dahshour archaeological area
  • Tipasa When Tipasa was inscribed it was suggested that the nearby (12kms) Royal Mausoleum of the Mauritanean Kings also be included. A map of that tomb is on the UNESCO web site for Tipasa and some WHC "decisions" question whether the Tomb is to have a buffer zone so it appears to be "officially" included (though not mentioned in descriptions of Tipasa). It is however a part of the T List entry "Les Mausolées Royaux de Numidie, de la Maurétanie et les monuments funéraires pré-islamiques"