Conical roofs

World Heritage Sites connected to 'Conical roofs':

  • Armenian Monastic Ensembles
  • Echmiatsin and Zvartnots Echmiatsin
  • Falun Great Copper Mountain Husbergs Piva
  • Fortifications of Vauban Wells in Longwy
  • Fortified City of Carcassonne conical roof on the city wall turret
  • Gonbad-e Qâbus
  • Graz towers at the corners of Eggenberg Castle
  • Haghpat and Sanahin
  • Hildesheim Cathedral and Church Michaelskirche
  • Kazan Kremlin
  • Koutammakou are crowned with steeply pitched conical thatched roofs (AB ev)
  • Kunya-Urgench
  • Loire Valley Chambord Castle
  • Monastery of Geghard
  • Mont-Saint-Michel Some of the little turrets around the Abbey have conical roofs
  • Mountain Resort, Chengde Pule Temple, one of eight temples
  • Temple of Heaven
  • The trulli of Alberobello